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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Chan Jin Park, Shiori Minabe, Rex A Hess, Po-Ching Patrick Lin, Sherry Zhou, Shah Tauseef Bashir, Radwa Barakat, Arnon Gal, CheMyong Jay Ko

We're thrilled to share groundbreaking research conducted by our own team at Epivara! In their recent study, Chanjin, Rex, Sherry, and Jay explored an single-injection alternative to surgical gonadectomy for animal sterilization. The results, achieved in neonatal rats and beagle dogs, were astonishing: infertility without any adverse health effects. This publication shows that we're one step closer to revolutionizing animal population management and ensuring a brighter future for our furry companions. Congratulations to our dedicated team for their remarkable work!

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