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With EpiFix, your best friend can get Back to Play
the Same Day

The complication rate for spays/neuters in dogs is


The average recovery time for surgical spays/neuters is

14 days

That's a lot  of cone time.

EpiFix induces infertility and provides the same behavioral benefits of surgical spays/neuters without the risks of surgery or a painful recovery.

A non-surgical alternative to spay/neuter has been eagerly anticipated for a long time.


Approximately 6.3 million companion animals enter US animal shelters every year. Many of them are euthanized due to lack of resources and space.

EpiFix is set to curb pet abandonment and overpopulation by offering a cost-effective solution for both shelters and owners, thereby increasing the overall sterilization rates within the pet community.

When Neutering Costs Less, We Can Do More

Average cost of a surgical spay/neuter




EpiFix costs less than surgery because no anesthesia, operating room, or day-long observed recovery are needed. A veterinarian can administer EpiFix in a matter of seconds and without the help of a support team.

Number of spay/neuter surgeries a shelter vet can do in an hour:

Number of EpiFix spays/ neuters a shelter vet can do in an hour:




EpiFix is a time- and cost-efficient alternative to spays/neuters that can help create a better life for companion animals around the world.

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