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Our very own Director of Science, Rex Hess PhD, has published his latest research review in Differentiation- a major scientific journal dealing with topics relating to cell differentiation, development, cellular structure and function, and cancer. His latest article focuses on the balance of Estrogens and Androgens in the male reproductive tract and advances the science the drives Epivara and the important work that we do in reproductive science. Great job Rex!

Rex A. Hess, Richard M. Sharpe, Barry T. Hinton

Full Moon

We're a Moonshot Company!

We are honored to have been designated one of only 12 Moonshot Companies by Chicago Inno! "At its core, a moonshot is a company that's taking a big, ambitious swing at solving hard, complex problems. And if successful, the startup's work could have massive impacts on our society and how we live."

We're an AgTech Showcase Company!

We're honored to be highlighted as a proverbial mover and shaker in the Agricultural Technology space. Watch Director of Science (and MVP) Rex Hess, present the cool stuff Epivara is up to at AgTech 2020!

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