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Celebrating Innovation in Animal Sterilization: A New Milestone

Rex A. Hess, Chan Jin Park, Sandra Soto, Lindsey Reinacher, Ji-Eun Oh, Mary Bunnell, CheMyong J. Ko

We're thrilled to share another major achievement at Epivara: the publication of "Male animal sterilization: history, current practices, and potential methods for replacing castration" in the esteemed journal, Frontiers in Veterinary Science. This article marks a significant step towards our goal of developing more humane alternatives to traditional surgical sterilization methods. By exploring innovative techniques like chemical castration, immunocastration, and advancements in gene editing, our team aims to revolutionize animal welfare practices worldwide. This publication not only highlights our commitment to compassion and innovation but also reinforces our mission to lead the way in transforming how we care for animals. Congratulations to our team for their dedication and groundbreaking contributions to veterinary science!

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