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Meet Sherry Qi Zhou, MD!

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Sherry is a lab-wizard who brings 30 years of experience to the team

Over her 30 year career, Dr. Sherry Zhou has managed some of the premier laboratories at the University of Illinois and studied reproductive endocrinology and the effect of lipids, especially oxidized cholesterol and trans fats, on human diseases. Most recently, she has devoted her research to lipid metabolism and reproductive diseases prior to her retirement from UIUC. Sherry joins Epivara as a Senior Scientist and will be responsible for the daily operation of Epivara's research lab, with a focus on hormone assays by ELISA, gene expression measurement by qPCR, histology and immunohistochemistry. 

Sherry brings many years of lab management experience to the team and is eager to help create a less stressful, painful, and risky way to sterilize animals. Sherry loves being a part of Epivara and when she can't be in the lab, she contents herself to do some gardening.

We're delighted to welcome Sherry to the team and look forward to having her on board for many years to come!

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