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Spay &


100% Less Surgery, 

100% More Joy

We are developing a safe, quick, and permanent alternative to spay and neuter surgery.

Overpopulation is a real problem.

There are over 32 million unowned free-roaming cats in the US, and this number is only growing.

iSpay/iNeuter helps to ensure that every animal has a home by providing a low-cost, permanent alternative to spay/neuter surgery that takes only seconds to administer. 

Livestock need iNeuter.

Did you know the majority of male pigs and calves in the meat industry are surgically castrated without any pain management? iNeuter-S is a painless, humane alternative that still provides all the benefits of physical castration.

Cones are only good when they're full of ice cream.

Do you know what animals hate? Cones. iSpay avoids the downsides of surgery - no risky anesthesia, no incisions, no stitches to nibble, no restrictions on fun. 

Just one shot, no cone necessary.

Designed for Mammals

Little Critters

iSpay & iNeuter not only avoid unwanted pregnancies, but also prevents the development of aggressive and other undesirable behaviors. A neutered pet is a happier friend. 

Cats and Dogs

Just one shot and animals are set for life. iSpay & iNeuter offer hassle-free alternatives to spays and neuters so our pets can get back to play, same day.


iNeuter-S reduces the hormones in the meat we consume, eliminating unpleasant tastes, such as boar taint. It's not merely a fix, it's the optimal fix.


for male  animals


for female  animals

Buh-Bye Cone of Shame.


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