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EpiFix is the only alternative to spay and neuter surgery that works safely, permanently, and in just seconds.

Image by Dan Gold

Overpopulation is a real problem


Half of the 6 million cats and dogs in US shelters will be euthanized this year.

EpiFix helps advocates ensure that every animal has a home by providing a low-cost, permanent alternative to spay/neuter surgery that takes only seconds to administer. 

Image by Bonnie Kittle

Little critters need EpiFix too.

You know how your furry friends try to climb out of their cages and get a little bitey at times? EpiFix stops those mating and aggressive behaviors before they start, so you have a calmer, happier floof. 

Image by Adam Griffith

Cones are only good when they're full of ice cream.

Do you know what animals hate? E-collars. EpiFix has none of the downsides of surgery- no risky anesthesia, no incisions, no stitches to nibble, no restrictions on fun. 

Just one shot then back to play, same day.

EpiFix is Designed for Mammals

Little Critters

Simply put, neutering makes a better pet. Halt aggressive and other less-than-desirable behaviors. A neutered pet is a happy friend. 

Cats and Dogs

Another way to neuter and spay they can get back to play, same day.


Just one shot and livestock are fixed for life. Best of all, the solution reduces the hormones in the meat we eat. It's not just a fix, it's the right fix.


Buh-Bye Cone of Shame.


Image by Noah Austin